Sofía Pérez


Who I am?

I am a 23-year-old Colombian actress and journalist, full of energy and life. I currently live in Spain, and I am immersed in expanding my acting skills, training at the Cristina Rota acting school (third year) and constantly looking for audiovisual and theatrical projects.

Humor is one of my main characteristics, whenever the occasion allows me I find myself taking the funny side of somewhat serious situations. A lively young woman with a lot of desire to work.

Take a look,
this is my work

Dedication and adaptability are the cornerstones of my artistic career. Take a look at my work to see how I can add a special and versatile touch to your project.


What my colleagues say about me

“She adapted very well to the character's traits and mannerisms. She learned her character very well and asked for our opinion to interpret her better. She has a great work ethic and faces each role with dedication and commitment.”

Alyssa olivares

“Sofía is an actress with a powerful stage presence and natural comedic energy. They will always want to see it. It is incredible to work with actresses who are so passionate about the job and purposeful on stage.”

Juanes Quintero. Colombian actor

“Recording with Sofía and Miguel was an incredible experience! Their mastery of humor and on-screen chemistry made every moment of rehearsing and recording pure fun. Thank you for making this project so special!”

Jacopo. Chief of selfservicemakers


I started my studies by studying social communication and journalism. While I was studying, I realized that acting was more than a hobby for me. That's why, as soon as I finished, I decided to travel to another country to study my dream of being an actress in a formal way.


Integral acting academy of television, cinema, dance and theater at the Cali Actors Studio in Colombia.


Body expression and television training at Stock Models & Talents, combining it with the communication career in Bogotá.

Cristina Rota

Cristina Rota's acting and dance school in Madrid (taking the third of four years).